Inside law offices – Mills Oakley

Mills Oakley are one of the faster growing smaller mid-tier firms, which I think may be just about the most confusing and grammatically incorrect sentence I have written in some time.

I got the chance to go pay them a visit earlier this week and took a few photos while I was there, because I am weird.

They are located in the same building as Telstra’s Sydney head office, which is now just about what used to be the old Darryl Lea’s building on the corner of King Street and George Street in the Sydney CBD. Yes, right where all the light rail construction work is going on.

As I am highly covert, and easily intimidated by the large security desk at the main entrance to the building, I took the side entry off King Street.


It has these revolving doors, and as I was walking into my little section of the door, not one but TWO guys got in the same section as me. I just don’t understand this sort of behaviour. That was MY section, I got it and it was MINE. It is not like it was the last section of the day either. The door would have kept on revolving, and they could have each had their own little section if they had just waited an extra 5 seconds. Apparently they are too busy and important for that, so instead I got the pleasure of being pressed up against the front of the glass of this door while two portly gentlemen leered over me from behind.

Please, dear reader, respect each person’s right to their own space in a revolving door entryway and don’t be like the two fools that I encountered on that fateful day.

This is a photo I took while silently raging about the gentlemen behind me. I hope you can feel the anger in every pixel.


Once inside though, my mood improved, as they have lovely artworks along the walls that go into the lift area. The lifts themselves are controlled by snazzy touchscreen panels, however confusingly the panels are nowhere near the lifts, meaning that you have to push the button for the floor you would like, then run around trying to find where the relevant lift is. I had to try 3 times, although I am sure most of you are not as hopeless as I am with directions and will get it first or second time.


In the lifts now. Nothing much to report here, other than this is a slightly meta shot of the lift as reflected in the mirrors in the lift. Yes, I accidentally took this photograph and did not have a better one to use. Sorry.


Action time. Here is the lobby of Mills Oakley. Pretty nice, in a Spartan, monochrome kind of way. Note the black leather couches and beware – they make a distinct farting noise when you sit on them too quickly. I am sure this is to put opposing lawyers on the defensive immediately upon their arrival at the offices of Mills Oakley. Well played, sirs.


The reception staff were truly lovely. They were suitably wary of a man purporting to be a lawyer but wearing jeans and a tshirt (and sweating more than he should be) arriving to collect some documents. But once we established some rapport, we got along swimmingly. Note this is not me in the picture. My posture is nowhere near that good, nor my hair so long and shiny.


My journey done, it is time for me to depart. Thank you Mills Oakey, I give your offices 3.5 out of 5. A fine effort.


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