Video games and the law

Part 2 of my super exciting series on video games that feature law, or lawyers, or a courtroom or anything at all legal related depending on how desperate I am for source material at the time of writing.

Not today, though. Today we have a real law game. It even has ‘Attorney-at-Law’ in the title, so you know it is going to be a straight-up, unobjectionable, full bench approving legal computer game.

This one is particularly bad though. Just to set expectations, as I find I have to do all too often in my life. ‘Set the bar low, boy’, my father would tell me, ‘and even then, you might be setting it a little too high for yourself. Why can’t you be tall, dark and handsome like your brother here?’. Ahem. Moving on.

Want to play a game where the main character is voiced by Gary Cole, who is that guy from shows no-one in Australia watches like Veep? Apparently he was also in Suits, but I have never seen it so can neither confirm nor deny this.

How could you not want to play a game where this dude tells you what is the what.


Want to play a game based on a cartoon that 6, maybe 7 people have watched?

Want to play a game on a system that had a brief shining moment of glory, when we all thought that Wii Tennis was the greatest thing ever until we realised it was pretty lame, and then no-one bought the system any more?

Well, your prayers have been answered, as I gave ‘Harvey Birdman, Attorney-at-Law’ a quick (very quick) play on the weekend, and boy oh boy was it amazing.

Quick slightly related side-bar: This was not an easy game to get hold of and review. Not looking for praise, just saying this is probably one of those games that people are going to sell for millions of dollars in 20 years’ time.


By Source, Fair use,


It is almost identical (some would say too identical, but they would be IP lawyers) to Phoenix Wright, which I wrote about last time. Except this one has STREETFIGHTER CHARACTERS.



I am not sure what to say about this game really. I played it through a… errr… unofficially supported means and the controls were crazy as hell. The videos were pretty good though, in a ‘my eyes they burn’ kind of way. Check it out here, at home, alone, with the lights off:

My rating? 2/5, and that’s only because I am being generous.


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