Draft wording for the chugging petition – suggested changes welcome!

Hi all,

After careful consideration and copying and pasting, I have come up with a first draft of the wording for a petition to the New South Wales Parliament requesting a review into face-to-face or ‘chugging’ laws in our State.

There is a formal style that I have to follow for the introduction section, hence it is a bit bombastic (that word itself is bombastic too). But the rest is for us to consider, review, debate and settle.

You will know by now that I am not a particularly good writer, so if anyone has any suggested changes or comments, please hit me with them or email me at hello@auslawblog.com or write comments below.

Proposed wording is as follows:

The petition of concerned citizens of New South Wales

Brings to the attention of the House the inadequate protection of vulnerable persons in our State as a consequence of the lack of legal regulation of ‘face-to-face’ charity funding solicitation techniques.

Such citizens express their deep concerns that the absence of substantive regulation or rules to govern the standards of behaviour, collection methods and safety standards that apply to the techniques employed by face-to-face charity donation solicitors results in the intimidation of those the target of such techniques, such that vulnerable members of our community are frequently coerced into agreeing to ongoing financial commitments without being provided with appropriate opportunities to fully understand and comprehend the nature, obligations and terms of the commitment they make to such solicitors, and without any repercussions for the face-to-face solicitors that coerce such vulnerable persons.

The undersigned petitioners request that the Legislative Assembly conduct a review into the current laws and regulations governing face-to-face methods of soliciting charitable donations and present to the House recommendations on amendments to applicable State laws and regulations to improve the protections for all citizens of New South Wales from coercive, inappropriate, dangerous, annoying or disruptive face-to-face charity collection techniques.



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