Inside a law firm in images

Yet another recurring feature – what the reception and public areas of several firms look like.

Why do this? I believe that the reception and public areas of a law firm are the most important part of a firm’s image, as this is what new clients and potential employees see when they physically visit the firm. Everything about the way these spaces are put together is designed to present the firm’s brand, reputation and success.

And interestingly, despite the fact that all firms are in the business of selling legal services, the image their public areas present are very different.

Please note that I have not and will not photograph anything beyond the public areas nor identify any individuals that are visiting or working in these areas, for privacy and confidentiality reasons. If you do notice something in these photographs that could specifically identify a person or matter, please contact me and I will correct this, although it should never happen.

Today’s firm: Norton Rose Fulbright, Sydney.

OK, so this is what the outside looks like. Not bad. Little stark and boring (5/10).


[Side note: I was going to use my own photo for this, but it was boring, so I have taken this image from Google Street View. Look at those poor  people standing by the side of the road, with what are obviously boxes of legal documentation. Stay strong team, it gets better, I promise!]


Nice foyer area, but no signage to Norton Rose Fulbright and the lifts to the Norton Rose floors are in the loser corner of the foyer (4/10)

IMG_0349 (1)

Lifts themselves are a little too dark for my liking (3/10)

IMG_0351 (1)

Hello there, this big bold sign lets me know that I am at the right place. This is important for me, given how frequently lost I am and how much I need reassurance. No concerns over which way I need to go to get to the reception desk (9/10).

IMG_0352 (1)

And here we are. Bright, airy and a great view. Friendly support staff, too. However, the roof seems very low for a modern office. I’m a shorty, and even I feel a little claustrophobic here. Anyone normal height or above is going to feel like the BFG in this place (7/10).

However, that looks like MKR on the television, so minus 2 points for that (5/10).

IMG_0353 (1)

The impression I’m left with is that Norton Rose Fulbright wants to create a very pleasant, very nice reception area that emphasises the view, but I can’t help but think that if I stepped into a Norton Rose Fulbright office in any other place in the world, it’d look and feel exactly the same. It’s got that generic look and feel about it and no real pizzaz. Such a fun word, and now I want pizza.

Overall rating for Norton Rose Fulbright? 7/10.



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